We currently haven't automated uninstalling a connector, however it is on our roadmap. Stopping the connector in the Connector Factory should prevent the connector from running and reduce the amount of resources being consumed.

Manual Uninstall


Easy to use command:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/octoblu/meshblu-connectors/master/mac-uninstall-script.sh | env CONNECTOR_UUID="[connector-uuid]" bash

Manual commands to uninstall:

# Unload service
launchctl unload "${HOME}/Library/LaunchAgents/com.octoblu.${uuid}.plist"

# Remove service file
rm "${HOME}/Library/LaunchAgents/com.octoblu.${uuid}.plist"

# Remove Connector files
rm -rf "${HOME}/.octoblu/MeshbluConnectors/${uuid}"


Open Windows Services app, look for MeshbluConnector-[connector-uuid] then stop and remove the service. Once the service is removed delete the directory %LOCALAPPDATA%/MeshbluConnectors/[connector-uuid].