Custom Registry

Would you like to have your own list of devices appear in and You can easily add one that acts just like Official Octoblu Connectors Registry by hosting your own JSON file with the following structure:

  "name": "My Custom Registry",
  "documentation": "...",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "items": [
      "_id": "someuser-meshblu-connector-custom-device",
      "name": "My Custom Device",
      "description": "blah blah blah",
      "type": "device:my-custom-device",
      "tags": ["Awesome Thing"],
      "githubSlug": "someuser/meshblu-connector-custom-device",
      "createUri": "",
      "configureUri": "",
      "iconUri": ""

Once you have a hosted registry, now update your Octoblu User with the registry uri. You can use meshblu-util to do this.

# Install meshblu-util
npm install -g meshblu-util

# Go to tmp directory
cd /path/to/some/tmp/dir

# Create a meshblu.json of your Octoblu User
meshblu-util register > meshblu.json

# Copy the UUID and generate a token for your Octoblu user (
# Add them to your meshblu.json
vim meshblu.json

# Create an update json file
# Write the following to the following custom-registry-update.json
# {
#  "$set": {
#    "": "[url-to-my-custom-registry]"
#  }
# }

meshblu-util update -p -f ./custom-registry-update.json